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Hi fellow user!

We would like to announce that Drexcon & Molnier, Inc. is going, after a while, into a Y Combinators @StartupSchool #BuildSprint again!

After a year of development and changes in the core product #Textuly and the following #Contextuly library we are going to use the opportunity and return with the development of the Textuly Panel sub-project.

Textuly is a platform. We wish like it to be an independent tool and also for any creatives with the focus on the non-tech SMBs. And in a timeframe of the sprint we wish like to create this part of the project and release it separately. As a plugin for your websites 🙂

There are already a lot of CMS systems already. We decided to publish the Textuly Panel a low-code friendly visual presentation tool as a WordPress plugin to make your boring WordPress web pages more dynamic and visually attractive. Other CMS fill follow. Yes, Textuly Panel is also a WordPress plugin and also a plugin in Textuly systems. You can use the portions of the Textuly systems separately and for example create a dynamic data oriented visuals on your existing websites.

As Textuly Panel is just a part of the whole platform, we are going to try to present the abilities and advances of the technology in environment every web designer already know. We don’t want to fight the competitor we want to make a common space and find the common language in creation of the advanced things.

In 4 weeks sprint. We are going to follow the results of the last sprints and try to finish this part of the handy tools and to try to publish it for all the WordPress users. We will bring a lot of experience from other projects and other parts of the platform with the focus on the visual and we wish like to send a clean message of what the Textuly really is. And why you are going to love it on your phones, tablets, PCs, Macs, servers and all your webbrowsers

Let’s do it!

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