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The Textuly product development

The root idea behind our flagship application is that user deserves the expensive machines we all have to serve their users with their full potential. We experience different and as a users of the smart devices, computers and everything technological these day on the one hand and on the other we see almost a blond spots behind most of the users not understanding the potential of computation and devices they already have.

We expect that machines will help us with everything. Every single one of us before the first touch believed that those smartphones, consoles, computers will be having something like hidden souls that desperately tries to communicate with us and help us. But we get the PR, device with the system that someone designed based on their believes that technology have to be this way and we all have to learn from them.

We don’t like to get tied. And for those who feel the same, we started with the Textuly project.

Basically, Textuly is a set of applications running on top of the internal engine packed in one application that is changing its behaviour based on your universe. We are trying to make the best for the personalisation not only on the user interface level, but we also crossed the personalisation of the whole experience you have with any app that you need for the work and personal life. We didn’t stop and realise, that same as YOU evolve, the applications should evolve same as you, giving you all the tools you need. Just in your pocket, on all your computers, yours smart devices, TVs, everything where it is possible to have a processor, network and some computational power.

We tried to work on the analytics engines before. The pipelines for data and building services into a organisations environments . They work – sometimes not, they need change from time to time and they getting old. But we miss the same on the small devices, our computers, smart watches and smart phones and for a completely different tasks, to get the answers on our day to day questions. As we expect we will get from those machines before the first touch.

Textuly starts with the tools that we forgot we want and we need. With simplicity on mind.

You can follow us in this pursuit on the project websites:

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