work in progress – as always

Hi fellow user!

We are still working on our presentation, we promise we will keep improving!

As of a current situation we had to switch our priorities and to pitch a little our projects that we considered alive. The most living creation we are working on is called Textuly. The platform for self-sustaining software in your hands. We are experiencing a lot of support from our past users, thank you for that.
As our projects are internally connected, we actively work also on the an analytics and self-acting engine and helping a couple of smaller projects around us to make the from alpha stage to final releases on all mobile markets and other platforms.
We also found the time to learn from our past projects and incorporated these experiences into the future planing. All as our investment into the company future, with the most precious commodity, our own time.

If you want to see more, then check on our posts, and click on the links to our future products. We will try to inform our user as much and soon as possible.

Michaela Bartonova, CEO Drexcon & Molnier Inc.

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